High Street Signs: Have people want to come through your door

BrandTech Design can give you the shop you are dreaming of. We have worked with many clients, providing them with the high street signs of their dreams. Whether you have just bought a new unit or are renovating your existing store, we can work with you to make it eye-catching and welcoming. From a simple sign to a full fit out, we can help.

What types of high street signs could you have?

We can design and build many different types of signs to help you stand out from the rest of the high street. Below are a few examples of the popular types of signs that we can make. But, if you have something different in mind, give us a call and we will be able to help you too.

Fascia Signs

Traditional fascia signs sit on the face of you building and is made of a panel, sometimes with a surround.

Simple panel signs

Aluminium composite fascia sign at Portsmouth Inks - Albert Road, Southsea

In it’s simplest form, the fascia sign is a composite panel with vinyl graphics. For the graphics, simple cut letters or a digital print are the options available. The sign can either face fixed to the building, slid in to a frame, or a returned panel used with fixings along the edges. In the image on the right, you can see a flat fascia sign for Portsmouth Inks, Southsea. It has a full digital print. A floating board is on the building, for signs to be attached to. So we face fixed the sign to it.

Traditional high street signs for conservation areas

Traditional painted wooden sign with gut vinyl graphics at Star & Garter, East Dean

For a more traditional feel, we can use materials such as wood to make these signs. Perhaps your business is in a conservation area that requires a traditional or approved style of sign. We have produced many of these signs and can help with the processes as well as the sign construction its self. On the left is a traditional wooden sign made for The Star & Garter, East Dean. It is a painted, wood sign with gold and white cut vinyl graphics. The sign is fully painted to make sure that it is waterproof, for a long life.

3D wording

Fascia sign at Hadley Simmons, Odiham

Following on from the simple fascia signs are signs with cut 3D letters and logos. These literally stand out. On the right is a simple but effective example of 3D cut wording. This sign is for Hadley Simmons in Odiham. We spray the background to match their company colours. Then we route the letters and spray them gold. We can produce different styles of 3D letter from materials such as foam, acrylic, composite panels, wood, Staron, or a combination of these. There is no limit except for your imagination.

Illuminated signs

In addition to standard fascia signs, you can choose to light them up. There are a few different ways of doing this with different results. We use LEDs for all of our lighting. Because they are more efficient than traditional lighting, they will save you money long term. In addition, LEDs can fit in spaces traditional lighting can’t. So more interesting signs and effects can be produced using LEDs.

Here are some more examples of Facia signs that we have produced and fitted.

Projecting signs

Projecting signs project out from the building, so that people can see you as they walk down the high street. So this is a great way to help people locate your business on a busy high street. As with the facia signs, projecting signs can be made in a multitude of styles and out of different materials. Furthermore, they can be illuminated.

Window graphics and signs

The glass on your building is another opportunity to advertise or catch people’s eyes. Use it as a visual frame or an informational area. We have even installed main signs to or visible in the window area. We can use a variety of materials for window graphics, such as etched vinyls, coloured vinyls, and digitally printed graphics.

Glass and window manifestations regulations for safety

There is a legal requirement to protect people from walking in to, or worse through, glass windows and doors. These are set out in two documents: Regulation 14 of the The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 and Document K of the Protection from falling, collision and impact building regulations. BrandTech Design can help you meet these requirements, while complimenting your branding and corporate image. As with all window graphics, we can use a variety of materials to achieve this, from classy etched vinyl, to digitally printed one way images.

Please see some examples of our window signs and graphics below

Wait, there’s more

At BrandTech Design, we can help with more than just your high street signs. We can also help with features and informational displays inside your premises. We can create:

  • Internal logos, to further promote your brand
  • Waypoint signs, to direct your customers
  • Hanging signs, to highlight areas within the store
  • Canvas prints, for decoration or to show off products
  • Wall art, to give your building a talking point
  • Bespoke displays for your products
  • Bespoke storage and sales counters, to fit the space you have


If you are opening or renovating your store within a shopping mall, hoarding panels will be placed around the work area to keep the public safe. There’s no reason to hide who you are while this is going on. In fact, why not use this as an advertising opportunity to get people excited about your new opening. We can decorate the hoarding panels to advertise to potential customers, before you even open. Here are some examples of our work.

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