Industrial Signs: Make your unit stand out from the competition

We can help make your unit stand out from all the rest. We have designed, built, and installed industrial signs of all materials and sizes. Access is not a problem for us. Our fitting team have PASMA and IPAF certification to allow us to install your signs safely. Be the company that stands out from the crowd and draw in more customers.

What types of industrial signs could you have?

We can build a variety of signs for you, to suit your business, brand, and location. We have built both large and small signs, so can really do it all. Below are a few examples of signs which may suit your installation. But, if you have something different in mind, give us a call and we will be able to help you too.

Facia Signs

Facia signs fit to your building, and some times wrap around it like a band. We have a few options for facia signs to suit a wide variety of installations.

Flex faced signs

Flex faced main sign and aluminium composite advert boards at Mr Central Heating, Erith

Flex faced industrial signs consist of an aluminium framework, with a PVC based material pulled taught over it. We paint or powder coat the outer trim to match your colour scheme or building. The advantage of flex faced signs is that there are no joins in the material. We can use cut vinyl graphics on flex faced signs, or digitally print them with an image. Also, you can internally light flex faced signs, meaning at night time they glow. The first sign you see, in the image on the right, is a flex faced sign. This one in particular, installed at Mr Central Heating’s Erith branch, is 7m long and 3m high.

Panel Signs

One way vision window graphics at Speedy, Stevenage

We can construct our panel signs with an aluminium composite panel, or aluminium panel. These can be flat panels, or returned, which adds rigidity and allows no fixings on the face. Speaking of which, the face can have cut vinyl or digital graphics applied to it. There is also the option to have letters or shapes fret cut out of the material. We fix clear or coloured acrylic inside. Lighting provided by LEDs make these shapes glow. Clear or coloured acrylic. We can also illuminate panel signs externally if required. The image to the left shows panel signs used above the door and windows.

Other main signs

Individual logos and 3D wording

Main entrance sign at Limbrook offices

You don’t need to have large, flat signs for your branding. You could choose to have individual logos, letters, or wording. We can extrude these in to a 3D object to adorn your building. We can use a variety of materials and techniques to get these looking as you would like. The image on the right of the Limbrook business centre, is an example of 3D lettering. From the ground, the letters appear to be free floating in the air. The letters are painted to match the banding around the top of the building. However, they have a black framework, that blends in to the background. We used four anchor points to fix the letters to the building, from above. Each of which could easily support the total weight of the sign. The letters are around 1 metre high.

Some examples of our signs

Window Graphics or signs

Windows open up your spaces and provide light. But they could be so much more. By adding graphics, your windows can also give you a presence. There are a few options here, from simple, cut graphics to fully covered on-way vision graphics.

Cut graphics

Aluminium composite fascia sign and digitally printed window graphics at There's no place like ohm - Cosham

BrandTech can fit cut vinyl window graphics internally or externally to your windows. They can be cut vinyl, which can be colours or etched finishes, or digitally printed. These graphic are mostly opaque, so will block vision and light. Optionally, etched vinyl or translucent vinyl can be used; which will let light through, but is not optically clear.

On the left, you can see the Vape Shop logo on the window. This is a digitally printed and cut out graphic; which has then been applied to the inside of the window. We used digital print for all the graphics on those windows.

One-way vision graphics

Contra-vision, or one-way vision graphics are full colour digital prints, which we fit to your windows. These prints fit to the outside of the windows; providing a view out from the inside, while showing your branding to the outside world.

Contra-vision demonstration

To get an idea of the effect, take a look at the image on the right. With the inside view (left half of the image), the glass on the left does not yet have the contra-vision applied. The glass on the right has contra-vision, but you can still see the person working on the outside of the window. Now look at the outside view of the same window, and you can just see the graphic. To optimise this effect, the inside should be darker than outside; so in an office at night with lights on, people will be able to see in. Light coloured graphics also enhance the one-way effect.

On-glass signs

Ocean Infinity text, stuck directly to the glass front

Another option is to have your logo or wording stuck directly to the glass. This gives the appearance of your logo floating. This creates a great effect, and never fails to look classy.

The image on the left shows Ocean Infinity’s main entrance. The built-up, 3D letters are directly on the glass. Behind, on the inside of the glass, is vinyl, to hide the adhesive. For an idea of scale, the central glass pane with the lettering is four metres square.

Glass and window manifestations regulations for safety

There is a legal requirement to protect people from walking in to, or worse through, glass windows and doors. These are set out in two documents: Regulation 14 of the The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 and Document K of the Protection from falling, collision and impact building regulations. BrandTech Design can help you meet these requirements, while complimenting your branding and corporate image. As with all window graphics, we can use a variety of materials to achieve this, from classy etched vinyl, to digitally printed one way images.

Wait, there’s more

At BrandTech Design, we can help with more than just your industrial signs. We can also help with features and informational displays inside your premises. We can create:

  • Internal logos, to further promote your brand
  • Waypoint signs, to direct your customers to sales areas
  • Hanging signs, to highlight areas within the unit
  • Wall art, to give your building a talking point
  • Bespoke displays for your products
  • Bespoke storage and sales counters, to fit the space you have

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