Window Graphics and Signs

The glass on your building is an opportunity to advertise or catch people’s eyes. So use them as a visual frame or an informational area. Window graphics and signs are an excellent way to do this. We can use a variety of materials for window graphics, such as etched vinyls, coloured vinyls, and digitally printed graphics. We have also installed main signs to or visible in window areas too.

Etched window graphics

Etched window graphics give the appearance of etched glass. Additionally, you can have etched vinyl in a few different styles; even different colours to achieve the look you are wanting. On the right is an example of etch vinyl on some windows. But, this is not only an example of our etched window graphics. It’s also an artistic approach to the use of etch window graphics to comply with safety regulations.

For example, this installation uses cut logos and different coloured materials. This not only reflects the corporate branding; it also makes the window visible to prevent people walking in to it. Below are some examples of the different styles of etched material available. These range from simple patterns to metallic flecks in the material, to really sparkle.

An example of etched window vinyl
An example of etched window vinyl

Glass and window manifestations regulations for safety

There is a legal requirement to protect people from walking in to, or worse through, glass windows and doors. To clarify , these regulations are set out in two documents: Regulation 14 of the The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 and Document K of the Protection from falling, collision and impact building regulations. BrandTech Design can help you meet these requirements. This while complimenting your branding and corporate image. As with all window graphics, we can use a variety of materials to achieve this. From classy etched vinyl, to digitally printed one way images.

One-way vision graphics

One-way vision graphics on a window at GD3, Southsea

One-way vision graphics are the kind you generally see on the back of buses. These graphics allow people to see out, but not see in. For this to work, the inside needs to be darker than the outside. This is especially true when darker colours are printed on the vinyl. As these graphics are digitally printed, you can have anything you like on them. This can be a simple logo, as seen in the example on the left. Or you could have a photographic image printed and installed on your window. The choices are yours and limitless.

Window signs

Main Knomo logo fitted to the glass at Great Portland Street, London

As well as graphics, we can produce signs that can be attached to your windows, or are visible through them.