Ocean Infinity, Southampton: Flex and window signs

Ocean Infinity are an American marine robotics company, based in Austin, Texas and Southampton. The Southampton location is a new, huge purpose-built facility. Our job was to design, build, and install the signs. Though the package only comprises of three signs, this was no small task. The first sign uses built up lettering. We fit these letters directly to the glass, above the revolving door of the main entrance. The second and third signs are both flex boxes, shaped to match the Ocean Infinity logo They have LED internal lighting, to make them glow. Just to give you an idea of size, one of these infinity signs is six metres wide and three metres high… but, that’s the small one.

The main entrance sign is the words Ocean Infinity, made from built up letters. This is the sprayed white. The inside of the windows has reversed white vinyl applied. We then stick each letter to the glass, in line with the white vinyl. To give you an idea of size; the pane of glass the letters attached to, is 4 metres square.

Next up are the infinity signs. These are identical in all but scale. The smaller of the two is white, and measures 5.9 across and 3 metres high. However, the larger, blue sign, measures 9.6 metres across and 4.8 metres high. Of course, the number of LEDs inside has increased to match the scaling. Each sign has multiple sections; six for the small and and ten for the large. Each section has it’s own LED circuit. We fit the sections to the cladding. Then we link the sections to the transformers, inside the building. Also, to minimise losses, we positioned the transformers directly behind each sign.

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